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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's monday, september 20th. this morning, hurricane igor makes a direct hit over bermuda overnight with high winds and furious waves. a wildfire in utah levels homes. as more than 1,000 people are evacuated ahead of the fast-moving flames. tea party darling christine o'donnell now under fire for saying she once dabbled in witchcraft. but that high school fun comes back to haunt her and her party. and royal perfections says he talks to plants.
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says he's not looney. that's his words. wait a second, prince charles lies flat on the floor to eavesdrop to the tourists? >> you never know what's being said. >> wow. >> that is ahead. but it is white a night. was quite a night in bermuda as igor passed just west of the islands, churning up 40-foot waves. now that rough surf is moving to the u.s. as igor moves up atlantic. full details straight ahead. a new republican taking center stage. indiana congressman mike pence a surprise winner, he beat out newt gingrich, mitt romney, even sarah palin. will he run for president? what do you think about the latest of the christine o'donnell dabbling in witchcraft.
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we'll talk to him live in just a moment. >> he is coming up. as in the next half hour, we have a major announcement. we're launching a search for the newest member of the "gma" family. anyone can apply. >> our version of "dear abby." >> that's it. we look to hurricane igor. david kerley is some bermuda. >> reporter: hey, george, this is igor right now, it is so big, so massive, the tropical storm winds are going to continue through most of the day. the island getting hammered. the good news, it came ashore, apparently no fatalities. igor, howling through the streets. while igor may be a category 1 as it hits bermuda. this is a massive storm with heavy winds and the storm wall will pound the island for half a
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day. this is why igor is a huge hurricane, big enough to cover about half the united states. and tiny bermuda, just 21 square miles of rocky island, was right in its sights. some residents ventured out early to see igor stirring up the surf. >> it's actually spectacular but it's probably going to be horrifying. >> reporter: gusts up to 85 miles an hour as igor gets very close now. we have a couple hours of daylight left. that's important because already most of bermuda without electricity. more than 6 inches of rain and 15-foot waves swamping low-lying areas. >> it will pass. >> reporter: but not before the center the storm rushed right along the west side of the island, nearly a direct hit. it is 10:00 at night, and this is the fury of igor. not a lot of wind or rain. that's because it's passing
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right over bermuda. that is the strongest part of the hurricane. as the winds whipped throughout the night, residents could only hope that the historic hurricane they feared would leave their island with only moderate damage. emergency officials are asking all the residents here on this island to stay in their homes as the tropical winds continue to blow today. about 20 people went to the hospital. minor injuries. the reports of downed trees and some flooding. emergency officials are telling me they want to get out and see how bad the damage is. robin, they basically said they're pleased that igor went by without killing anybody. back here at home, police have many questions for the members of a religious sect who were found safe and sound after disappearing after leaving letters indicating they may be plotting a suicide pact. what were they planning and what was going to happen to the children they took with them. mike von fremd is some los angeles with more. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. for 22 hours, southern california was frantically searching for a religious gruen that they felt like on a cult-like suicide mission. with more than 70 deputies, some on horseback, combing through the san gabriel mountains the community fanned out to find what had been described as a religious group of women and children planning to take their own lives. when they were spotted in a public park, the nerve-racking nightmare came to an end. >> ladies and gentlemen, we just found them. >> alive? >> yes, they're alive and well. >> reporter: what caused such concern is that members of the group left find farewell letters, mortgage statements, cash and messages that they were going to meet jesus. two husbands reported the group as missing and warned police that they feared their loved ones may be preparing to harm themselves. >> had they said good-bye to their living relatives.
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they indicated that they were going to the next life, if you will. >> reporter: that brought back terrifying memories of the cult in heaven's gate near rancho, southern california. sunday afternoon, california police were relieved to find all 13 members of this group in the park. >> they are alive and well. i was just given that update. that is the best news of the day. >> reporter: the leader of the group is being held for psychological evaluation. but no charges were brought against anyone. and many here say this was all just a mistake. >> we are okay. don't you see me? i'm okay. my son. the dogs. everybody's okay. >> the religious group says that on these extended prayer trips they do not bring along cell phones and other worldly possessions in the hope that they were miraculously be taken to heaven. police say while they're here in
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southern california, the church group could do a better job of family communication. george. >> thanks, mike. now, to politics. coming up, a weekend packed with surprises that video of christine o'donnell talks about dabbling in witchcraft. sarah palin in fifth place in the poll and colin powell taking on the gop and sarah palin. we begin with jake tapperpy white house this morning. jake? >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right, president obama is going to be defending yet another democratic senate seat in a blue state today heading up to philadelphia to campaign for democratic congressman joe sestak. both sestak and president obama are trying to figure out how to deal with all of these tea party energy, this conservative voter enthusiasm. delaware republican senate candidate christine o'donnell had some explaining to do this weekend about her experience with witchcraft. prompted by this clip from a 1999 episode of abc's
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"politically correct" which was shown by bill maher. >> you're a witch. >> i dabbled. i never joined. one of my first dates was on a satanic altar. >> reporter: so the republican told people at a picnic in delaware. >> i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with folks like that in high school? but, no, there's been no witchcraft since, if there was, karl rove would be a support now. >> reporter: that's an allusion to the fact that o'donnell has revealed a catch within the republican party. on one side, detractor karl rove who has accused her of saying nutty things. the witchcraft comments included. >> they're probably going to wonder what was that all about. >> reporter: on the other side, sarah palin, who supported o'donnell's decision to cancel
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appearances on fox and cbs. palin tweeted o'donnell's strategy. time's limited. use it too connect with local voters whom you'll be serving versus apiecing national media." palin spoke at a dinner in iowa which she suggested that the republican party send some of its stars to the south, others to the west. and rove -- >> karl go to -- here, you can come to iowa. and karl rove and the other leaders who will see the light and realize these are normal, hard-working patriotic americans. >> reporter: palin told fox she'd be willing to give running for president a shot if the american people decided she was their candidate. >> i didn't think she was ready to be president of the united states in 2008 and i'm not sure she would be in 2012. >> and george, the white house is denying a report in "the new york times" saying one of the ideas they're kicking around is
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a national ad campaign tying the republican party to more extreme elements of the party. they say there is no truth to the story. >> but the message is what the white house wants to deliver. for now, we're joined by the man who beat out sarah palin and other stars of the values voter poll this weekend. indiana congressman mike pence. the chairman of the house. congratulations on your victory, congressman. i know you said you wanted to focus on getting back to the house. but is it fair to say thain creases your chances you'll run for president? >> well, look, i was very honored and frankly, humbled as we walked out of the purdue/ball state game. but our folk can you george, and i think so the focus of every american who is tired of runaway federal spending, borrow egg, bailouts and takeovers needs to be on november 2nd. we'll let the future take care
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of itself. for now, the reason i'm here in michigan is campaigning with tim wahlberg. it's time the american people won back the people's house for the common sense and common values of this nation. >> okay. so we'll have you back in november when you're ready to make the announcement. i'll invite you back then. let's talk about the midterms. and that victory last week by christine o'donnell and all the comments coming out over the weekend. you heard karl rove saying christine o'donnell is going to have to explain the witchcraft comments. she says it was just a little high school fun. is that enough? >> well, look, i think that's up to the voters in delaware to decide. and certainly, christine o'donnell, you know, has an obligation to explain those public statements. but, you know, welcome to the silly season, george. suddenly now, bill maher is the vanguard of religion in america. come on. you know, christine o'donnell's
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success or the success of joe miller in alaska or people like marco rubio in florida is less about that the messenger. it's more about the message. what's bringing everyday americans into the streets, out to tea party meetings and town hall meetings is realization that our government has run off the rails. and the american people recognize they've got to take the reins back in the government. they're looking for men and women of courage who are willing to stand up and take on the establishment in washington, d.c. i expect, come november 2nd, those issues and that message is going to carry the day. and not all of this back and forth. >> but, as you know, congressman, speaking of the message, the democrats are going to try to take the position of christine o'donnell and joe miller and say it's signs of a radical takeover of the republican party. christine also says readying women will cripple the readiness of our defense.
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joe miller up in alaska says unemployment benefits are unconstitutional. are those provisions you're willing to run by? >> nice try, george. look, look, i've been traveling around the country for candidates, and i've attended tea party rally. did one about a week ago in washington, d.c. with tens of thousands of americans. in my town hall meeting two years ago, people poured into my home community in indiana because they're fed up. they're fed up with spending in both political parties. and i think they're going to see through this typical, nitpicking, and we're going to pull things out of context. and we're going to try and put people in the worst possible light. they're going to say, look, just bring us men and women who are willing to go to washington, d.c., put our pistol house in order. and i think that's going to carry election day.
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>> bottom line, do you think republicans win back the house? >> i think they have a profound opportunity. but it's up to the american people, that cherish conservative values, to do everything they can between now and november 2nd to win back the people's house for the common sense and common values of the majority of this country. >> congressman, thanks for your time this morning. congratulations again. >> thank you. juju is here with the rest of the morning's news. dpfascinating. good morning. we have breaking news outside of salt lake city, utah, this morning have a fast-moving wildfire has forced the evacuation of 1,400 homes. the fire started when brush at a national guard shooting range caught fire. heavy winds have been fanning the flames ever since. well, newly freed hiker sarah shourd has repealed to iran to release her two friends. iran dismissed it as a huge
7:15 am
misunderstanding. she said with them still in prison, she feeling only one-third free. well, general motors is not commenting on reports that a chinese carmaker is in talks to buy the u.s. company. 60% of gm in the bail out, it's preparing to sell its stock to the public. it's not ruling out pursuing foreign investors. dpieth list, one of the best known monuments in the world on fire? take a look. flames seem to be pouring out of the rome colosseum. but it's only a stunt. they're hoping to highlight the fragility of the world's most cultural sight. >> you can imagine, you're walking by and seeing that. >> thank you very much. good morning, everyone. let's start with what's going on in south texas. you could say it may have started with tropical moisture
7:16 am
from karl. but over 9 inches. this is basically onshore flow from storms developing on the coastline and continue to pour rain from brownsville and corpse chris christie. big heat again, denver, this is like your second week in a row of record temperatures. look at atlanta, 14 days above 90 degrees this month. this is still big heat that will continue all across the country. and that's going to be the topic for a while. heat in the south. with the numbers, a high-fire danger. gusty winds. very, very dry. temperatures again running in the 80s and 90s.
7:17 am
bright sunshine outside and a beautiful shot of the clear skies over the federal city. berkeley springs is at 61 degrees. for the most part, we are in the 60's. our forecast for today calls for mostly sunny skies, a few degrees cooler than yesterday, near 80 for the high temperature with refreshing north winds and downright taug >> and the heat returns to the northeast just in time for fall. robbing. >> go figure. thanks, sam. today, the government will reveal the latest numbers on death blamed on distracted drivers. abc news has obtained a report. and the news, well, it's not all
7:18 am
that encouraging. lisa stark has the details. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, it's quite discouraging, in fact, because the percentage of death blamed on distracted drivers is not decreasing. and that's despite all the publicity of dangers over talking and distracted drivers. here's a young driver caught in the act. watch her eyes and hands. she's texting. >> oh! >> reporter: how about this bus driver, reading an electronic book the while behind the wheel. the secretary of transportation calls it a distracted driving epidemic. >> everybody thinks they can use their cell phone and drive and drive safely, and you can't. >> reporter: a new government safety report shows it killed 5,500 people. tough new state laws, even a
7:19 am
push by oprah for a no phone pledge. >> one i checked off, i will not text or use my phone while i'm driving. >> reporter: what will it take to make a dent. russell and kimberly are wondering that. >> we were very angry. we could not believe that our daughter could be taken from us by somebody who was texting. >> reporter: they say what's needed is a change in attitude. >> we want to you turn the cell phone off. they're living proof in three or four seconds your entire life can change. and certainly, we'll never be the same again. >> reporter: now, the hurds and hundreds of others will take part in a major distracted driving summit hosted by the department of transportation. meantime, the hurds hope their story and others like it will change drivers. >> okay, thanks. now, a very different story.
7:20 am
tongues are wagging in england over candid remarks prince charles made in a documentary. he also confessed to conversing with trees and plants and eavesdropping on visitors to his stately home. here's nick watt. >> reporter: every year, 30,000 people visit prince charles's idyllic home. i have eavesdropped on what the visitors have said. sometimes, you have to lie on the floor." >> wonderful, he's listening to what we're admiring outside. >> reporter: about the beloved garden that airs this week, the prince also confides, i happily talk to the plants and trees and listen to them. i think it's absolutely crucial." prince charles was an organic
7:21 am
pioneer. i got a lot of flak for a lot of things. i mean potty this and potty that. looney this and that. everything i've done here is almost like your children. every tree has a meaning for me. hang on. >> he is kind of eccentric. but i think eccentric people made the world go round. he does properly eavesdrop. >> reporter: that does sound a little looney or potty. charles isn't some guy swigging liquor from a brown paper bag. if all goes as planned, this guy will be king. nick watt, abc news, london. >> here's my question, did he learn more from the trees or tourists? >> that's a question. coming up, a crime hits home for us. a police chief in north carolina, his daughter found murdered. and her killer still on the run. we're going to talk to the police chief facing his toughest case yet. also, there's a new target
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for new york's bedbug epidemic. they're everywhere now as if they can take over niketown, could your town be next? felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> it is a 7:26 of this monday morning, september 20. i am alison starling with your local update. left unchecked the morning commute. there is a stalled car on
7:27 am
the inner loop near the robinson terminal. it is near the center of the roadway. we'll talk about tyson's and a few moments. we will take you live to the picture of 395 and show you the volume and the pace northbound leaving the belt way to get toward the pentagon past duke st.. in maryland, no major problems on the beltway. this is out of tyson's and bethesda for the american legion bridge. 61 degrees in frederick and warmer than what we had yesterday morning but mostly sunny skies and temperatures will drop to mark compared to what we have now for the morning hours. winchester is 64 degrees. our forecast for today calls
7:28 am
were mostly sunny skies with temperatures around 80, a refreshing north the wind, we keep up by the middle of the week. wednesday through friday, up near 90 degrees and it will be officially fall wednesday night. we have an important traffic alert for tysons corner. the ramp from southbound 123 to westbound 7 is closed. drivers can get to westbound seven by using a new exit ramp. this new traffic pattern will be in place until the end of the year. we will be back with another update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune america saves on dunkin', america runs on dunkin', with three freshly baked bagel twists for only $3, like our delicious new tomato basil or sweet chocolate chip, so grab three for 3 today.
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♪ that is the last practice before the first dance. you're watching bristol palin. she's shaking it up a little bit. >> we'll go behind the scenes to see her final rehearsal of the "dancing with the stars" season premiere. mom sarah palin watching the debut. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that it was bedbug free. the latest victim of new york's bedbug epidemic, niketown. we'll talk to those on the front lines of the latest bedbug battle. and we'll tell you about the
7:31 am
search for the latest member of the "gma" family. this is a real job here at "good morning america." anyone can apply. we'll tell you how in a little bit. in mere minutes. just now, a horrifying crime hits home for a north carolina police chief. his daughter was found murdereded. and now there's an intense manhunt under way for the suspect. yunji de nies has the latest. >> reporter: valerie hamilton was a swim coach who loved her students. a 23-year-old with a shining smile. >> she was somebody everyone wanted to be around. she'd light up a room when she walked in. >> reporter: but on sunday, investigators found hamilton's body stuffed in a storage locker. >> i'm very sad to report that we've recovered the body of miss valerie hamilton. >> reporter: hamilton's father is a police chief with 23 years on the force.
7:32 am
valerie hamilton went missing on wednesday after a late night at a bar in charlotte. her car was found in the parking lot. and friends began to worry when she didn't come to work. >> it's just not like her to not show up and not let us know. >> reporter: police say hamilton was last seen at the bar with michael neal harvey, a registered sex offender with a lengthy criminal record. including a rape conviction in 1996. police also have their eyes on the road. they believe harvey is driving a 1996 chevrolet blazer with north carolina license plates. they've been looking for him for days. so by now, he could be miles away from charlotte. as police wrap up their search, valerie's friends are trying to deal with the reality that that bright smile is gone. >> i don't understand how somebody could do this to her. somebody who is so sweet and so kind. >> reporter: and a grieving father is using his life's work,
7:33 am
police work, to find the person who murdered his own daughter. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, atlanta. >> and joining us now is valerie's father, concord north carolina police chief meryl hamilton. chief hamilton, our sincere condolences to you and your family. is there any way you can put into words what you're feeling right now. >> robin, i don't know if there's any words. i don't know if anybody whose a parent is feeling this. i just want to get this guy now. >> yes, sir, you are a grieving parent and the ahead of police enforcement there. you know more than anyone how important it is to get information out quickly. that's one of the main reasons why you're with us, sir? >> it is. and i want to ask folks that they all be looking for the
7:34 am
description that you y'all just gave out. i want to ask, robin, my law enforcement brothers and sisters across the country to help me with this. i'm trying to stay strong, and they know what it means because the cameras are on. they took my daughter, guys. play it right. play it by the rules. y'all get out there and find this guy for me. when it gets back my way, i'll pay you back. >> i know the mayor is there with you, sir, and people in the community are coming out and helping right, mayor padgett? >> yes, robin, this is a close-knit community. the hamiltons are very well respected in this community. and there's been a tremendous outpouring of support for the chief and his family. >> and, chief, any new information about the suspect? >> robin, just what y'all have put out there already. the charlotte mecklenburg police department they're doing such a
7:35 am
wonderful job. they're putting out everything that they have. i just hope that folks will go out there and look. and i hope at that other young ladies out there that they'll remember the lessons they were taught as youngsters about being safe it carries into when you're in the 20s, ladies. make sure she's men treat you with respect and be safe. >> it is so powerful, chief. in this time, to hear these words that you are saying. and mayor padgett, how do you -- i know there's great concern in your community. and how do you deal with that? >> well, there is great concern, robin. we deal with it by supporting each other and showing our care for each other. but i join the chief in saying that this guy needs to be caught. and he needs to be caught quickly. i think if you viewers are alert, we can bring this guy
7:36 am
back behind bars very soon. >> and, again, his name is michael harvey. he's been in trouble before. as we have told people. and in fact, the last 22 months, in mecklenburg county, he's been arrested six times. and the charge is including felony and breaking and entering, probation violation. heroin possession. and he's somebody that definitely needs to be taken off the street. chief hamilton, let me ask you this, because i know it's so brave of you to face the cameras this morning. and i know it's in part you want to tell us about your daughter, valerie. what do you want us to know about her, sir? >> robin she was a good kid. she was a wonderful kid. she lived her life to take care of children. that's all she wanted to do. she was the perfect daughter. and i miss her. and i need justice for her.
7:37 am
and i need folks to be looking for this guy. >> well, they're doing that, sir. they're absolutely doing that. chief hamilton, again, our sincere condolences to you. your entire family, the community there, and mayor padgett, thank you also for joining us at this very difficult time. and you let us know if there's anything more that we can do to help you both. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, malm. >> thank you. let's get over to the weather now and sam. hey, robin, we're going to start with the fact that fall kicks off around wednesday. i think it's 9:00 p.m., if i'm right. wednesday night. we've got a lot of heat on the board. even the cool air gets displaced by the time we get to warmer temperatures again. so from, you can call it phoenix, because they've had two record-high temperatures lately. denver, memphis, atlanta, all the way up to boston and new york. back to the 80s in boston. wednesday, new york, 88 degrees.
7:38 am
philly, 90, washington, d.c., 90. coincident coincidentally, when fall starts, going to be the warmest temperatures. anybody still vacationing, even in south florida, the long waves will cause problems with the rip currents. and out to the southwest, you actually get a chance to dry out. from seattle/portland area will take the afternoon to dry up. do you think the rain is going to move into the very we have a lot of sunshine outside with temperatures in the 60's. near 80 today and mostly sunny. >> and all that weather was brought to you by chef boyardee.
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they're here and they are spreading. the bedbug infestation sweeping across america has claimed a new high-profile victim, nike. the sneaker giant store blocks away here in manhattan has shut its doors. jeremy hubbard is outside niketown with the latest. jeremy? >> reporter: good morning, george, you can imagine the surprise with the windows wrapped in paper, doors locked, signs warning of the unwelcome
7:43 am
visitors. with no warning the niketown store near new york's swanky fifth avenue was shut down due to the bugs. bedbugs. >> really? >> really. >> i feel like it's everywhere in the new york. >> reporter: nike said it proactively closed niketown. our primary concern is the well-being of the customers and associates. we are taking all the proper steps to eradicate the problem." and bedbugs caused stores to temporarily shut down, even google's empiric state building. >> it really has everything to do with trucking. we have found that bedbugs are hitching rides, being transported back and forth into offices, into stores. >> reporter: with lost sales, damaged merchandise and pricey extermination, bedbugs can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars.
7:44 am
bedbug-sniffing dogs, up to 10 grand. and pesticides up to 70 brand for some large businesses. insurance typically doesn't pay. >> they get on your clothes. you be in the store, they get on your clothes and they get in your house. >> reporter: now, they're starting to have an impact on where we go and what we do. a poll out this month shows recent news about bedbug infestation has caused 1 in 5 americans to change their plans to go to certain public places. have you changed where you go? >> definitely. i won't go there in new york. >> reporter: so what do you do if you bought clothes from a store like this, a store that you think may have been inund e inundated by bedbugs. experts say throw those clothes in the dryer, put them on high heat. heat is the only thing that kills them. >> okay. we're going later. and we have a lot more information to detect and get rid of bedbug at our website,
7:45 am
abc news abc news/"gma." you can also find out if there's a store or hotel. >> they have a convention? >> yeah. this year, they need it. we've got a special coming up. the "gma" job search. you might be perfect for it. come on, boots. this way? [ kids ] ready or not... here we come!!! wow. [ beep ] boots, did you hear that? ♪ found you! found you! [ male announcer ] the volkswagen routan. awarded "most appealing minivan." the only minivan with the soul of a volkswagen. now with 0% apr for 72 months. ♪ at the end of the day as they do at the beginning?
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so talk to your doctor about prescripon treatment optis and support. and make this ti, your time. we want to tell you about a new venture we're very excited about. we're putting up the help wanted sign for an advice guru.
7:49 am
is this a real job. we want our real life person like "dear abby." >> dear "gma," i need some help. answers. my marriage is not what it used to be. my boss won't listen to anything i say. >> my mother-in-law won't stop butting in. >> so who can answer tough questions like these, well, here at "good morning america," we're searching the country who find the one person could can. it's a nationwide search for the "good morning america" advice guru. think of it as our "dear abby" with a twist. when we do find that person, we're going to give them a full-time job here with robin and george. it could be a school teacher. a doctor. a writer. a stay-at-home mom.
7:50 am
or even someone who already works in tv. it could be anyone. anyone who thinks they're full of great advice and great on tv and great online. hey, this isn't just a contest. this is a real job search with perhaps the most unique interview process ever. apply now at tell us why you're the perfect person to work here with us as our new advice guru. and answer all the questions that come to "dear "gma" -- >> there you go. >> there's some questions out there. >> yeah. we personally want people to answer, what's the best piece of advice you've ever given and what was the result? >> you write an essay, like an interview question you'd have to answer. this one was really good. what wow tell this person. whenever there's an issue between my mother-in-law and me,
7:51 am
my husband refuses to stand up to me. how do i get him to value our relationship more than the one with this mother? >> ooh. >> and the "dear gma" person would you think have to know the answer, just how to find out the answer. while cleaning my son's room, i accidentally saw on his facebook page threatening remarks from his friends. i fear he's being bullied. what should i do?" >> another interview question. my boss keeps taking credit for my ideas. >> ooh. >> these are good. this is going to be fun. >> again, this is a real job. full-time, online presence on and our "gma" website. you know, coming on air as well. >> so maybe in your neighborhood, you always say, oh, so-and-so, they have all the right answers, they helped me. make sure they put their entry. >> they're going to want to know how much it pays.
7:52 am
we don't know yet. >> it could be anybody. a teacher, a doctor. >> wide open. go to to submit your entries. >> there you go. "dancing with the stars" is coming back tonight. >> good one. ♪ wemy world was can't. can't eat this. can't do that. can't lose weight. but on weight watchers, i can. weigh less than i did in high school. can. stand here not suckin' in a thing. sure can. lose weight, and feel lighter and liberated in so many ways. i can. and you can too. and you can join for free. ♪ i can. i can. i can. ♪ [ female announcer ] and, if you join by september 25th you can get get a month free. weight watchers. because it works. you can get get a month free. ♪ say it like you mean it. outspoken by fergie. exclusively for avon. call your avon representative now.
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> hi there and good morning. 7:56 his retirement as monday, september 20. let's get started by checking the road. it is loaded up out there this morning. no major surprises as far as interstate and beltway travel. you can see how loaded up it is. in maryland, delays begin that clarksburg at 121. that is all the way down to the laying of pipe for the beltway. no accidents along the way. in virginia, things are moving
7:57 am
nicely at the pentagon. a beautiful morning with a lot of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. temperatures are in the 60's. we don't have a big temperatures spread this morning but by tomorrow morning, i think it will be 10-15 degrees cooler than right now. a lot of such an expected today and a little bit cooler than yesterday afternoon with highs near 80. the humidity will drop throughout the day and tomorrow will have a lot of sunshine but cooler with high temperatures and below 80's and near 90 despite being officially autumn on a wednesday. it is mel little bit easier to get to interstate 95 in
7:58 am
northern virginia. the southbound lanes of the fairfax county parkway before it -- between rolling road opened this past weekend. this means the parkway is close to being fully completed. we'll be back with another update
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. i think everyone is ready. the new season, "dancing with the stars." it is back. tonight, that's right. our cameron mathison. he was on "dancing with the stars," he goes behind the scenes, gets all the last-minute rehearsals with the stars as only cameron can do. that is coming up on this monday morning. >> we're looking at bristol palin right there. the question is will sarah palin fly from iowa for the debut. also this morning, this 15-year-old. this is an amazing story.
8:01 am
this 15-year-old weighed more than 400 pounds but in a few months he's already lost 60 after undergoing gastric bypass. the surgery is on the rise for teens. how young is too young and is it safe? dr. richard besser is here to take a look. >> also, in the last half hour, oh, my goodness, gloria! sofia vergara is being called the hottest woman on television. he's in the emmy-winning "modern family." first, drama in a connecticut courtroom as a supermodel squares off with her wealthy husband. . brandt's nearly $500 million fortune and the couple's children is at stake. andrea canning brings us down to the showdown. >> the couple has been married 15 years and has three children and now it's come to this, their "war of the roses" support.
8:02 am
they've been to court five times, been to three judges and paid millions of dollars of fees. there are thousands of pages of documents. >> reporter: she's the sexy supermodel who walked the runway for victoria secret and dated some of the biggest stars in rock 'n' roll like axl rose from guns n' roses. he's the powerful media mogul. the romance was a match made in hollywood. but the fairy tale appears sob so over in what's turned into an explosive divorce battle. he's accused her of alcohol and drug use, cheating and wild spending sprees, charges as much as $250,000 a month. up for grabs is a huge fortune that includes property in greenwi greenwich, the hamptons and palm beach.
8:03 am
>> the case is ripe for publicity. it's a melodrama in real life. >> reporter: but the biggest fight when the pair faces off in divorce court this morning is over their three children. experts say high-profile divorces are becoming more frequent and public. ex-couples like christie brinkley and peter cook, denise richards and charlie sheen would rather air their dirty laundry and settle when it comes to children. >> before we resort to the court, not because it's public and salacious, but because if you let someone off to go on with your children, it may not be what you want. >> what's complicating this case is that seamour didn't sign a renuptial agreement. but sources tell us there could be something major happening in court today that will shake up this divorce. >> a lot of rumblings out there.
8:04 am
the details are stunning? >> reportedly, she had taken furniture from their palm beach house and was having it moved to the rental in connecticut. peter brandt heard about this, was not happy about this. had the moving struck intercepted on i-95. had it turned around to go back to the palm beach house. it's almost like a movie. some of these details. >> somebody with a very good gps. i guess he can afford it. juju is here with the news. good morning, everyone. hurricane igor is losing strength in the atlantic after delivering a direct hit to bermuda. two-thirds of the island lost power and about 20 people were injured. but authorities feared it could have been much worse. the storm dumped about 9 inches of rain total. in utah, meanwhile, a wildfire near salt lake city has forced the evacuation of 1,400 homes. at least two very already been destroyed. it started at a national guard shooting range when some brush
8:05 am
fire caught fire. now to the bittersweet homecoming for sarah shourd, back on u.s. soil after a year in a notorious iranian prison, as she appealed for the release of her two americans, iran's president has arrived in new york for the general assembly. our jim sciutto joins from us new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, with president ahmadinejad here in new york, the mothers want to take their case to him face-to-face. they've officially requested a meeting with him here. they told me they want to appeal to him as fellow parents to do for their sons what he did for sarah shourd. on her first day on american soil in more than a year, she looked rested and calm. but she could barely hold back her tears for her friend josh fattal and fiance shane bauer who she left behind. >> this is not the time to celebrate. my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and josh was crushing. and i stand before you today only one-third free.
8:06 am
>> reporter: eager not to damage her friend's chances of release in any way, she watched her words very carefully, sure to thank iranian leaders. >> my gratitude goes in particular to ayatollah khamenei and president ahmadinejad for my release. >> reporter: and even to answer iran's humanitarian gesture. >> it is my deepest hope that the world will not let this h humanitarian gesture go unrecognized. >> reporter: they admitted to hicksed emotions. >> sarah's release is unbelievable and i'm very excited about that. but the hard, cold fact is shane and josh are still in prison. they need to be home. >> reporter: how do you fight the envy? >> well, we talk to each other, that helps a lot. >> reporter: the mothers have taken to calling each other sisters as they support each other, but they are worried. one thing they learned from sarah is the stress that shane and josh are under.
8:07 am
being told they'll be freed one day. going to trial the neck. and, juju, it is taking a psychological toll. >> clearly, jim sciutto reporting on the ongoing story. and now new york's guggenheim museum is creating a youtube video. it uses time-lapse photography to make everyday life look like a toy world. cool, stitching together a series of still images. another finalist is entitled "okay, go." it shows a domino-like machine for a music video. it took three months to build that. and the third one, "guitar impossible." playing each note of a song separately and spent days editing the song together. that's the news at 8:07, samg. i cannot believe -- >> you know what we did, we got that job opening.
8:08 am
>> my name is dorothy from apollo, new hampshire. >> you say you give good advice. this person says when she has an issue with her mother-in-law, her husband doesn't take her side. what's your advice for her to apply for the job? >> she should stop cooking his dinner. >> oh, see. that's right. that puts everything in perspective. when you're in this house, you take this side. that's not bad. for the rest of us, it's one or two things as you head out the door. wednesday, the cooler air will be coming from the west. look at 95 in denver, 86 by wednesday. still a little bit above normal. i believe if i'm right with denver, 81 or 82. check me, but i think that's right. phoenix, 106, 102. down to 95. on the east coast, the numbers 68 degrees at reagan
8:09 am
national airport and mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds are anticipated today but it will be a bright sunny day with a refreshing north wind dropping the humidity. bowie is 63 degrees we are in the mid-60's and on our way to near 80 degrees. it will be near 90 wednesday- >> it is a brisk morning in times yeah. >> as america's health with the waistline continues to expand, more than 200,000 americans underwent bariatric surgery last year. a new study says it's gaining popularity. especially with teenagers but is
8:10 am
it safe to have this life-altering surgery at a young age. >> i'm a little frustrated, i put hard work in. >> reporter: 15-year-old caleb has been battling his weight for much ever his young life. obesity runs in his family. at heaviest, he weighed 448 pounds. >> because i needed something done because my weight was getting out of control. >> reporter: in june, he had a gastric sleeve. a surgery where 80% to 85% of his stomach is removed a allowing the patient to feel fuller on smaller amounts of food. little is known about the long-term risks of these procedures. >> how are you doing today? >> reporter: this doctor performed his surgery. >> my goal is not to make them skinny for the prom. it's to make them healthy. >> reporter: so far, he lost 50
8:11 am
pounds and his mother can't be happier. >> i hope he can accomplish what he sets his mind to. >> i plan on doing it the rest of my high school years to make sure i go fought for football maybe. >> reporter: she understands his struggles. >> since i was 6 i was overweight. i was an emotional eater, if people bullied me or having a bad day, i went to the food. >> reporter: kayla eventually hit 250 pounds. as an avid swimmer, she hit the water even more. >> your stigmatized. i felt the stigma. the stereotype from friends at school, to people walking down the street. >> reporter: two years ago, kayla was out of options when she and her doctor decided on a weight-loss procedure commonly
8:12 am
known as the lap-band where an adjustable band is wrapped around the upper part of the stomach. a port connects to the abdominal wall, allowing food to slowly pass. >> i've lost 80 pounds. my life changed, honestly in many ways but most of all, my eating habits and the food that i eat. >> reporter: the lap-band is not to be approved for teens under 18, but kala feels it shouldn't be based on age but potential health risks. >> i don't think it should be something taken away from somebody who needed it. >> reporter: she says she couldn't have lost the weight any other way. >> it's been an amazing journey. i must say. it was pretty hard at first, just not knowing if it was really going to work. when i look at my before and after pictures right now, i can't believe that was me. >> and dr. besser joins us with more on this. rich, as we heard the doctor say in the piece, this isn't about getting thin for the prom.
8:13 am
this is for health issues. how do you know if surgery is the first option you should take? >> it's definitely not the first line. it should be the second line. as you saw here, it's not a lot that's very effective. the studies looking at programs to control diet and exercise are not very good when somebody is morbidly obese. diabetes, joint problems, he was listening in that piece, those are real. so having something like surgery that's effective can change a life. >> surgery that i think i heard you and others say can really operate ourselves out of this epidemic with obesity. >> yeah, it's about prevention. there are hundreds of millions of federal dollars right now going in community-based programs to try and prevent this. as you saw kalem's mom is obese. children whose parents are obese are much more likely to be obese. how do you model it in the home.
8:14 am
school programs are trying to do that and have shown good impact if brought to scale but once you reach this point it's a little late. >> it is. rich, thank you. tell us what you think, would you allow your obese teen to undergo this procedure. go to and have your say on the shoutout board. also for tips on how to help your teen avoid obesity. you get that. next, we go behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars." ♪ uh huh. mom, i can walk from here. what about your... mom, i got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] they're never too big for a little something sweet. kellogg's rice krispies treats.
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[ male announcer ] have you built your better breakfast? now's the time! try our better-for-you western egg white muffin melt or the dee-licious double bacon egg and cheese on toasty flatbread. subway. build your better breakfast. "dancing with the stars" is back. the 11th season kicks off tonight, and we can't wait to see who will surprise us, who will flop, who the country will fall in love with. >> who will flop? >> don't say that. >> well, i just did. >> okay. thank you. >> i guess i just flopped. >> no, you didn't. >> we sent cameron mathisson
8:19 am
behind the scenes for a scouting report on the new season. ♪ >> i'm scared. really scared. >> i don't know if i'm ready but i'm excited. >> and my nerves are, you know, starting to get there. >> it's all mental. >> you're worried about our dance. >> i'm not worried about anything. >> you're good. you're really good. >> reporter: how are you doing with the pressure around the fact that so many people watch the show, it's going to be live, you don't have dancing experience. how are you handling this? >> i'm just going out there to have fun. >> reporter: bristol palin said her mom sarah will attend tonight's live broadcast but no comment on reports that bristol will dance to -- ♪ mama told me not to come ♪ >> you had your baby here, you juggle that responsibility, how are you doing that? >> we take breaks. we make sure that comes first. that's priority. if she has to go home, we take a
8:20 am
break, pick it up later on. ♪ >> reporter: the last time jennifer grey famously danced with a partner was 23 years ago in "dirty dancing" with the late bat trick swayze. >> the trust that i have to have with derek i had to have with patrick. they're very similar if the way they're both incredibly confident, natural dancers. i feel like -- now i'm going to get emotional -- oh, i feel like i have to do something that makes me really happy. ♪ >> reporter: only "good morning america" was invited to on-stage rehearsal. ♪ ♪ oh so closer now ♪ we are the champions of the world ♪ >> i'm convinced that i'm going to win because i'm so starving, i'm going to eat all the other
8:21 am
contestants. >> reporter: former pro athletes, now, amateur dancers, claim they'll do almost whatever it takes to win. is there anything out here that you'll just like say, no way, i won't do it. you've seen guys take their shirts off. where do you draw the line on this? >> you know what right now, i know as we go along, the competition will get heated. ♪ i go crazy >> and fortunate to be around to where less clothing tends to happen, that's a good thing. >> reporter: it's a possibility. >> it's a good thing. >> whatever. i'll do it. take my shirt off. whatever. >> they keep asking to see my abs. i don't you want to see my abs go to "bay watch" reruns. >> reporter: anything you say no
8:22 am
to? >> the rhinestone thong. >> reporter: mike sorrentino, better known as "the situation" rehearsed only six. he's been taping his show. it's made "the situation" and his abs famous and a fortune. i was reading an article that in the past year, you're going to make about $5 million. >> a book, workout video. clothing line. >> reporter: but can he dance, find out tonight. not a bad year for mike "the situation" sorrentino. considering a year and a half ago, he told me he was u unemployed and had absolutely nothing to his name. he told me the reason he took the show was to show everybody at home that he could do me than tan and workout and drink.
8:23 am
and michael bolton says he's alrea always had a huge fear of dancing in front of crowds. he figured "dancing with the stars" would help him overcome that. considering he says he's lost 12 pounds. we always hear about celebrities losing weight during the show. he's the only one reportedly losing weight at this point. it's a tough season to pick who's going home, george. >> who's going to win? >> i'm predicting in the finals brandy, jennifer grey. >> tonight, "dancing with the stars."
8:24 am
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8:27 am
oh, it's original little bite™. we're off to practice keeping 'em full and focused. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> n good morning once again, i am alison starling. 8:27 is your time and let's begin with traffic and weather. very slow on the inner loop that robinson terminal to get to 66. very slow on the outer loop in maryland. leaving andrews air force base to get up to fedex field, there has been an accident at exit 13. you can see the pace of traffic and that crashed moved to the shoulder. we next go to 270 where southbound there is an accident near 370. that accident is brand new.
8:28 am
8:2810 mostly sunny skies this morning. we have a nice refreshing north wind that is pumping in slightly cooler air. 60 degrees in frederick. 66 degrees in vienna. we are on our way to 80 degrees and upper 70's in most outlying areas. the average high this time of year is 78 degrees. tomorrow will be a pew degrees warmer and low 80's but it's -- a cooler start to the day. high temperatures wednesday near 90 degrees with a slight chance of rain wednesday and thursday. a funeral service will be
8:29 am
held today for civil-rights leader ron walters at shiloh baptist church in northwest d.c. at 9:00 a.m.. the rev. jesse jackson will deliver the eulogy. hundreds turned out to escape for a memorial service at howard university. he died of cancer and was 72 years old. we will have another update at slapping ]
8:30 am
it is one of the funniest shows on tv. sofia, we know as gloria, sofia vergara, part of my "modern family" is fast becoming america's favorite family. can't think of a better way to start our week than with sofia. good morning, america. i'm robin alongside george. and the historic alien last signing in "avatar," oscar nominee. she's got a new movie out called
8:31 am
"you again." >> you again? >> you again. >> and jamie lee curtis. brit doggone funny. and it's iconic comeback of "the bre "the breakfast club." the reunion, tomorrow. we're looking forward to that, around we, mr. sam champion? >> our audience looks a little young. do you remember "the breakfast club"? >> do you. >> hey, let go of robin roberts. our audience wrapped around the entire studio today. i've always said, shamelessly, if you put my name on a sign, i've got to -- who's birthday is it? >> mine. >> tell me your name. >> stephanie.
8:32 am
>> we don't do numbers. let's just say 22. >> 22 is good. >> 22 is good. >> the whole family? >> yes, michael, benjamin, my husband mike. >> nice to meet you guys. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. there will be heavier rain. looking at an inch, maybe 2 inches of rain. isolated 3. and all the storms moving offshore. by the way, the temperatures are getting warmer. just in time for fal bright sunshine today with a refreshing north wind dropping the humidity. 56 degrees in winchester and mostly sunny and near 80 this afternoon. >> and i say this with all due respect, it is the corner of the
8:33 am
studio, it's the best legs in television going on right here, ladies and gentlemen. i'm just going to say it. there, i said it. >> i know where you're really looking right now, sam. that's okay. right there. and this weather has been brought to you by kellogg's frosted mini sleetwheats, right? >> that's what i meant to say. "modern family" is tv's funniest show. it's kicking off the second season. we can't wait. it's this wednesday. here with a preview for what's in store is the lovely and talented sofia vergara. >> how are you? >> it's wonderful. >> i'm very happy, very happy to be here. >> what was that ad in "variety" that the producers put out. yes, this is it.
8:34 am
sofia will run naked. there were rumors that you were missing during the show? >> yes, i went and did the run and came back. everybody was watching the emmys so they didn't see me. but i did it. i did it. it was really good. i looked really good. >> we'll take your word for it. we will. you silly little billy you. sophomore season. expectations are really high. how do you manage that? >> i think everybody was nervous because we've done such a great year. that, i mean, you know, you're always like, oh, my, what's going to happen. five episodes and it's unbelievable, the writers so amazing. larry and chip boyd and the rest of the writers, i mean, i think it's a little funnier this season. >> really. such a team effort. you're looking at the scene right now. and you can't help but laugh. let's talk about the season
8:35 am
premiere which is on wednesday. we just saw lovely manny who plays your son in the show. >> yeah. >> and he has a girlfriend and gloria's having a tough time with it. take a look "modern family." >> she's on the way. is that okay? >> but i thought you and i were going to the movies tonight, you know, to see that one with chela labeouf. >> what's wrong? >> nothing, my heart. i'm a colombian mother, i'm not going to let him make a mistake for the rest of my life -- his life. >> the timing. >> it's so much fun. >> you have a 19-year-old son in real life. >> yes, mannolo.
8:36 am
>> so is manny named after him? >> he was. mannolo's very mature. he speaks perfect english, not like me. so, yeah, they have a lot in common. >> and a lot in common with your character, too, you have a tough time seeing manny grow up. your son went off to college. how is that going? >> it's horrible. don't remind me. >> oh. >> it's been hard. but you know what, it's life. and he's having a great time. it's fun to see them grow. >> well, if people doubted your accent, they know it is the real deal now. >> but for them, i'm from idaho. this is all self-tanner, fake hair color. >> it is fake hair color. >> i am blond, yes. >> you are blond. >> yes. >> and everybody in your family? >> yes, everybody in my family is blond, blue eyes.
8:37 am
when i started working in hollywood, it was weird because the accent, the body, the attitude, the blond hair, they didn't know where to put me. it was very hard to get a job. i put my hair like this, immediately i became this hot, latin woman. >> so blonds don't necessarily have the best time? >> no, definitely not. huh-uh, i love being like this. i love it. >> for the family reunion, when you come home looking like this? >> they don't like it. my family doesn't like it. they've seen me blonds my whole life, when they see me, it's like you're wearing a wig. >> it's working well for you. >> exactly. i don't think gloria can have blond hair. >> no. i saw you a couple weeks ago with eric stonestreet on stand up 2 cancer. you battled thyroid cancer and you're working. you have a wonderful foundation.
8:38 am
>> yes, kids in hope is in colombia. we help kids who have cancer, their families. we also work with orphanages, we bring the best-behaved kids from orphanages in colombia, we bring them to disney world every year. amazing. this year, we're doing it in california because i'm shooting. >> i know how important that is to you. you're a wonderful model. >> thank you. >> your boyfriend is doing well. that bad accident. he's home now? >> yeah, he had a horrible fracture. the pelvis. he's going to have a tough recuperation, he's fine. he has a fantastic nurse. so that helps. >> we'll just leave it at that, won't we, sofia. i think he'll do just fine. you are a delight to everyone on the cast and give them our best. the sophomore season.
8:39 am
yes. thank you. >> "modern family" premieres this wednesday night 9:00, 8:00 everybody i talk to who's seen our tv says, "what service do you have?" i tell them, "i have verizon fios." and they go out and buy it. [ male announcer ] why settle for cable? now you can switch to fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. the fios technician came in, got everything hooked up. and when he left, i had the greatest picture i've ever seen. [ male announcer ] call now and we'll add a special bonus: the fios tv movie package --
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8:42 am
so what would do you if you ran into your old high school nemesis, kill her with kindness? or take her on? the a funny new movie titled "you again." sigourney weaver. it's great to have you. >> great to be here. >> friendomy is one of my favorite words. how do you spot it? >> well, i think you have to feel it in your gut. jamie lee curtis and i like that word. we kind of miss, want to impress, still want to be wary of is something we all kind of remember from high school because everyone cares how they're doing in high school so much. >> and jamie lee curtis plays the popular girl in high school, but you come back with a vengeance.
8:43 am
>> i roar back as a big success. she was not just popular, but she was the head of the cheerleading squad and prom queen and all the things that my character would have liked to be and we were best friends, and it felt like she never let me have my turn. so it's just been simmering. and it was really fun, i think for all of us in the cast to sort of revisit our hideous high school experiences. >> let's show a clip of it right here. >> you were already prom queen. you were already head cheer leader. drama is supposed to be mine. no, you didn't care about you, all you cared about in high school was you. >> what was i supposed to do, ramona, slow down so you could catch up? >> don't touch me. >> ahh! >> ahh! >> you stole ricky phillips from me. >> ricky phillips from high
8:44 am
school? >> great to play such a nice, mature part. >> it looks like you tapped into something there. you also had the chance to work with betty white. >> oh, you know, we all worship such the shrine of betty white. she's, first of all, sufficient a lovely person. such a pro. perfect timing. you know, she's incomparable, honestly. and kristen bell and odette dustin. the joy came out in the movie. >> kristen bell, you guys do this great video for "funny or die." >> show of hands for everybody thinks kristen just goes on -- >> fine, i'll stop. see how the movie does without its biggest star. >> biggest star -- don't worry,
8:45 am
i'm not going anywhere. >> nailed it. >> if you say "avatar" -- >> if i say the word "avatar," what? "avatar," "alien," gho"ghost busters" -- >> rub it is in. >> this is a big departure from "avatar." >> oh, it is. it cleanses the palate. now, i'm off to do, i just played a vampire in detroit. actually one of the most exciting things i'm most excited about, the theater that i'm part of downtown is doing a world premiere of "office hours." lease such a magnificent playwright. he wrote this especially for our theater.
8:46 am
and it's a young company and it's a wonderful play about literature and universities. and it will be playing through thanksgiving at the flea on white street. >> it's downtown manhattan. it opens -- >> it's actually plays right now. you can go to the, because we're small. >> thank you for being here. because we're small. >> thank you for being here. "you again" opens this frida
8:47 am
america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
8:48 am
home. i love those photos. those baby boomers and their parents continue to grow older, it's the conversation we all should have, mom, dad, we need to talk about health care. joining us now to share his expert tips on getting the best medical treatment for you and your loved ones as they age is dr. mark lax, professor of
8:49 am
medicine at new york's presbyterian hospital. it's just out today. i love the title "treat me, not my age." dr. lachs, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i've known you for a couple years. you've helped with my 86-year-old mother who is home watching you right now in my apartment in new york. she has the book with us. she said it's like you are in the room with her. that's how you wrote it. is that was your intention, i'm sure? >> it was it we were having a conversation with a patient. we're all created equal, robin. but we don't age that way. and the medical system often looks that way. we all know two people of the same age. 75, one is going to play doubles tennis. and the other is moving into a nursing home. i'm sure that's about diet and exercise and genetics. but it's also about the way we get our health care, starting around age 40 and 50.
8:50 am
>> that's when we start looking at that. baby boomers, we're used to being hot. everybody is vying for us. now, we're considered the strain? >> we're the new lower man on the totem pole. we're used to be being an age-obsessed society. as baby boomers move through the belly of the snake, perhaps those attitudes will change. >> you said it's so key, that primary doctor, especially as you get older, that primary physician. what what should you look for? >> you want a physician who speaks english. if your physician is speaking lay terms, that's what you look for as opposed to medicalese. if your position is interrupteding you frequently. and if you're coming to the doctor with your parents, you want to make sure at that physician addressing you and your mom and dad so that third person doesn't become an nan
8:51 am
mitt object in the room. >> what should you tell the patient? >> i tell people to prepare for the visit. maybe outline the top one or two or three things that are important to you during the visit. i tell patients and families, really, to sort of think about medications. bring a list of your medications, including vitamins and supplements that you're taking because those can interact with medications, because as you get older, there are many more medications and conditions that you might be treated for. >> it's also very helpful, and i had my mom do that, actually bring the medicine with her. instead of writing it down. bring that stack of medications so you can look at it and see exactly what they're dealing with. >> in a big brown paper bag. get everything from the medicine cabinets. in the era of special effort where is one guy treats your right thumb and another your
8:52 am
left thumb, they may not know what the other is prescribing. >> people want to avoid at all costs of going to another facility. a nursing home or assisted living and you want to stay in your home as much as possible. you had suggestions? >> we've been talking about age discrimination in health care, but, robin, it goes on in housing. there are simple fixes that don't involve home equity loans. that could mean the difference between your last address being your home address as opposed to a nursing home. i tell patients and families to look at lighting. particularly hallway lighting. about a quarter of patients over the age of 60 fall on the way to the bathroom. using color contrasts. a few years ago, i made a house call to a patient that was falling. i got there, what was striking, the color of the claires was the same color as the carpeting. this woman who had cataracts couldn't tell where the chair
8:53 am
began and the carpeting began. i told her daughter to go to target and buy slip covers. that prevented a $10,000 hip fracture. >> like when you're moving in this surface, rug to a different surface, you have to be careful? >> transitions between surfaces very, very important. i've also been to home where is you could literally ski across the floor with a carpet that's not affixed to the floor. >> dr. la krchchs, i'd love to you talk about the costs and the ongoing conversation. you and the people you that work with are amazing and thank y ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a universal gesture... ♪ a way of telling the world "you did it!"... without saying a word. introducing the mercedes-benz sls...amg.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
big reunion tomorrow. "the breakfast club" at 25, the stars are going to be here. we'll see you then, bye-bye. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning once again, i am alison starling with your
8:57 am
local update. let's look at traffic and weather. it is still saturated on manassas -- in manassas on 66. that is very slow around tyson's that we had delays from the belt way to king street on i-395 . but we have a couple of pictures to take you to in the camera. this is across the 14th to bridge -- 14th street bridge to head into the city. we will go to maryland with our final camera and this is across the american legion bridge. every day we slow at this time of morning. a lot of sunshine right now. the dew point is down to 49. we already noticing a difference outside. this afternoon will be cooler than yesterday afternoon despite morning temperatures be
8:58 am
mild. manassas is that 70 degrees right now. the forecast calls for mostly sunny skies today with five pressure and a refreshing north wind. 80 will be the high-temperature this afternoon and tomorrow a few degrees warmer and near-90 wednesday. a change could be coming to d.c. parking meter regulations. this time drivers would benefit. you remember that mayor adrian fenty extended the hours until 10:00 p.m. in busy areas to raise revenue. his likely successor, vincent gray says he will revisit the issue because it has angered some many people. we thank you for watching and we will
8:59 am

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